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It kills me to look at the pics in the last post of us playing outside in tee shirts. How quickly the weather changes in these parts.
Checkers, checkers, checkers. I think it was a mistake to teach Alex to play checkers. He’s slightly obsessed with the game now. He asks everyone to play about 20 times a day, and the only one who ever obliges is Jory. Poor little guy.
We’re getting ready for a train trip to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. We’re meeting up with the rest of the Peterson clan. We’re very excited for another ride on the train, and to meet our new little cousin, Lance. Not to mention exploring a new city that none of us have ever been to. So lots of packing, baking, and Christmas gift-wrapping are happening in this house.
Yesterday I had a photo shoot with my friend Emily’s daughter, Eva. Eva’s birthday was last week and instead of selecting a gift for her party, I volunteered to do her 3-year-old portraits. She did super until my own children came in and got her all wound up. Mental note: Don’t take yahoo children to photo shoots unless absolutely necessary. When it is necessary, LOCK THEM IN THE VAN.
More random stuff: Christmas cards are done, make sure I have your address. We caught 2 mice this week (yuck). We got an inch of snow. And I think I’ve figured out how to help our children’s minister design our publications without using her stupid (I mean wonderfully terrific) software.

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Dad said...

Go over to the house, down to the dread Red Room, look on the bookshelf, find the ancient Time-Life Photography Library book "Photographing Children". The first sentence in the book is "DO NOT bring your own kids to a photo shoot." While you're there, load up the rest of the series and take them home with you. Along with anything else interesting you find down there. Please.


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