Well I meant to do a big post about our trip at thanksgiving complete with pictures and the whole works, but frankly I’m thinking that’s not happening. So you get the 10-second version. We took the train out to Kansas City to visit with Jory’s family. We went there because it was sort of a central location for everyone, and most of us hadn’t been there yet, so it would be fun to explore. And it was. KC was a very fun little town indeed. We went exploring at the Crown Center, and shopping in the shopping district. We saw a fun cultural presentation about Russia at the Toy and Miniature Museum. The museum itself was also very fun. We had lots of fun playing with Grandma Peterson in the pool, playing board games, and getting in some cousin time. I got to meet my new little nephew, who is a cutie pie. It was very fun indeed.
Um… life here is a little crazy. I don’t have any of my cmas décor out yet. The children took pity on me earlier in the week and put out some “decorations” which mostly consisted of legos and action figures. If you look at it with your eyes half shut it could be a nativity I suppose. Whatever. No shopping has been done, no gifts, no wrappings, but I’ve got the hot chocolate thing covered, and the fire in the fireplace – oh yeah.

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Dad said...

Well, yes, you HAVE been to Kansas City. Only there is no way you'd remember it. It was late fall 1978. Let's see... When were you born? Get the picture? (And that makes you HOW old next March????)
Your mother is getting old. I, however, am still 14. Well, 17 when I'm around her.


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