Kid funny and other misc.

The other day I was cooking supper and there was a bottle of soy sauce on the counter. Louisa wanders over and says “Mom, you’re not using that soil sauce on the chicken are you?”
In other news, we are all about the paper airplanes this week. Alex received a book about how to make paper airplanes as an early Christmas gift. So he’s been perfecting his craft all week. He’s had a ball learning all the different styles, and creating his own unique creations. Some work better than others of course, but that’s part of the learning right? So glad that I can provide a learning environment that embraces paper airplanes, and sees them as a learning opportunity and not a distraction. I’m sure some teacher, somewhere is breathing a sigh of relief that she doesn’t have his fleet of paper airplanes taking over her classroom.
Alex’s 1st Christmas play performance was this week. Of course I was in the front row for his acting debut, camera glued to my eyeball. He delivered his little line perfectly, right into the mike. Proud mama.

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