Post Christmas post.

We kicked off our holiday week with a visit from some of our extended family. Some of my mom’s family came up for a few days last weekend. It was so good to see them again. It’d been a while since I’d seen my cousins. We had a little gift exchange, where I received a nice hat and scarf, which were promptly snatched up by my daughters.
Next up was a visit to Columbus. Our first stop was with the Alexander family, where my kids fell right into step with their kids all over again. Just like peas and carrots. And Cathy and I? Well, peas and carrots. So good to visit with them and see their house all decorated for Christmas. Good times. Our second visit was with some of my friends from college, the Smiths. They got married about 3 weeks after we did, Jonna and I tried on wedding dresses together. It was great to finally meet their cutie, Natalie (who shares my birthday!)
Christmas day? Well that was a flutter of twinkling lights, wrapping paper and hot chocolate. The kids got some great toys. The favorites were marble works (which was one of my favorites as a kid), some “talkie-hawkies” (walkie talkies), and some “comfy dolls” handmade by my mom. And Jory and I? Well we got lots of toys ourselves. Scrapbook stuff, a portable GPS and new lenses for my camera. Not a bad haul in the end.
Now the only problem is which toy to play with first…

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