Bad bad bad.

Bad blogger I know. Don’t remind me.
So what’s going on in our house? Too much. Lets see what I can remember.
We’ve been a little sick this week. Lots of coughing and nose blowing, but nothing too serious.
Last weekend - President’s day weekend I took the kids out to the lake house. My mom and I took our scrapbook stuff and we crafted up a storm, Alex shoved his nose in a book, and the girls played. Then we hit up the President’s day sales at a local outlet mall. We found quite a few steals at Osh Kosh and at The Children’s Place.
Last night was game night for grown ups at our church. We used to have game nights all the time when the congregation was smaller. But for some reason we hadn’t had one in a while. It was good to get together with friends, and just hang out. Play some games, have some snacks, and just gab. It’s so hard to socialize on Sunday mornings anymore, it was nice to just kick back.
I’ve started working on the church website. We were having a hard time keeping it updated with fresh information and pictures, so I volunteered to keep track of the Children’s ministry portion. However, people are already asking me to take pictures for other areas outside of children’s ministry to post on the site. Eek. Just hoping it doesn’t get out of control.

Cabin fever is setting in around here. We’ve had a few days in the upper 40’s and 50’s. We are itching to get out and dig in the garden again. We (ok, I) are anxiously waiting for our little daffodils to poke their heads through the snow. Counting down the minutes until we can go outside without our heavy winter coats.

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