It’s a icky rainy day here in our neighborhood. We are thinking of ways to entertain ourselves inside while we wait for the sun to come back out. I uploaded a few pics that I thought you might like to see. I was playing with this funky camera lens my dad got us a while back. So we have a daffodil bloom (one of many) and Miss Louisa hard at work on her “school”.
Speaking of school. We’re anxiously counting down the days. 20 remain. We ended up not taking a spring break this year. We are planning a family vacation to Maine this year and thought it would be slightly more enjoyable in late May than in early April. So we’ll go when we are all finished.
We had a fun mini vacation over the weekend. We took ourselves to Ann Arbor for lunch and a trip to the mall. We found this great little dollar movie theater, and watched Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. We were slightly nervous because we didn’t know much about the plot line, but we figured for $1 a ticket even if it was horrible we got our money’s worth. We ended up really enjoying it.
Easter was sort of a low-key event in this house. I didn’t feel like going through the works, so we took ourselves out to lunch and played in the yard all day. No bunnies, no eggs, no fancy dinner. The kids didn’t seem to mind all that much. They got ice cream instead of candy.

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