Right now…

It’s been an exciting few days since our last post. We are thrilled that the weather is finally warm enough that we can be outside every day. It has become a daily ritual to run around the house and count how many daffodils are blooming. In a perfect world I’d have some sort of growth chart where we could plot how many of each color bloom we have and all sorts of critical information. But I don’t. This week my neighbor gave me a Rose of Sharon tree and about 30 iris rhizomes, so I spent all of my outside time getting those established. Plus my peas have sprouted. I was starting to loose hope that I’d get any peas this year, but they’ve finally found their way to the surface.
Annie is having some Grandma time this weekend. She went down to West Virginia with my mom on Friday, and will be home sometime today. It will be good to have her home again here in a few hours.
School is going well. We are down to 12 days remaining. We are so ready for summer vacation.

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