Our children’s minister gave us these questions to interview our kids with. I had the girls do this while Alex was working on his schoolwork.
What is your favorite food:
L: rice
A: pizza
What is your mom’s favorite food:
L: lasagna
A: chocolate
How old is your mom:
L: 30
A: 30
Who is your mom’s best friend:
L: Miss Becky (Levison)
A: Cathy Alexander
What does your mom do all day:
L: laundry
A: garden
(both good answers!)
What is your favorite tv show:
L: Cinderella
A: Word Girl
What is 1 thing you love to do with your mom:
L: watch movie
A: sew
What does your mom do after putting you to bed:
L: read a grown up book
A: watch tv
Alex's answers to come later...

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