A Sleepy Monday Morning

Who doesn’t love sleeping in, especially on a Monday. Alex and Annie are still snoozing on this fine morning, so I thought I’d take a moment to catch up on life around here.
The most exciting thing right now is the fact that we have 2 days of school remaining. Today and tomorrow. Then we are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It couldn’t come any sooner, as I have about a million projects in the waiting. It was so worth having school on Christmas eve just to be done in mid May. I am very happy with where we are academically at the end of our year. Alex is at or above grade level in all of his disciplines, and the girls have chewed away at a significant portion of the “easy” Kindergarten material. So next year they will be able to get down to it, and focus on the more challenging concepts.
So yesterday was Mother’s Day. To celebrate we spent most of Friday and Saturday at the lake. It was too cold to be outside much, but that didn’t faze us at all. There were many books to read, games to play, and naps to take. Fun stuff. Yesterday we went out to lunch with my mom, brother, and our dear friend Cathy. Then came home to play outside. I managed to build a fence around my veggie garden, and a rather ugly (but functional) support for my peas to grow on.
What else…… we are planning on taking our big family vacation here in a few weeks. We are planning on driving to Maine (a new state for Jory and kids) so we are planning out what pit stops to make. I can imagine we’ll find many many places to stop and explore between here and there.

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