Happy Returns

We are officially back from our road trip to Maine. We had a fabulous time on this year’s road trip. We left here on a Friday afternoon, and drove to Cleveland for our first night. On day two we drove to a town right outside the Adirondacks in New York, we made pretty good time these two days, since we had no fun pit stops. Day three saw us exploring the Adirondacks, including a stop in Lake Placid to see the Olympics Training Center. After crossing Lake Champlain we stopped for the night in Vermont. Day four had us driving to Bar Harbor, Maine where we clambered around on the rocks as the tide went out, and realized just how cold Maine is at the coast. Day five had us exploring Acadia National Park (fortified with several layers of clothing this time). Highlights include driving to the top of Cadillac Mountain where we had a nice view of Frenchman’s Bay, watching (and hearing) the waves go in and out of a subterranean cave called Thunder Hole, and a yummy seafood lunch in Southwest Harbor. Day six brought rain, (which made the chilly coast even colder) so we drove down to Portland and saw a couple of lighthouses before turning west to start our long return. Day seven saw more rain, but warmer temperatures as we made our way through the Catskill Mountains. The rain kept us from thoroughly exploring these mountains, but we did see a few cool bridges and a reservoir. Day eight saw clear skies as we headed through the Allegheny Mountains. We stopped to hike in Rimrock park – a park that had cliffs, with stone stairs carved into a crevice to climb up and down. We also stopped at Kinzua Beach. A sweet little park overlooking a beautiful reservoir. Day nine took us back through Cleveland, with a pit stop to see the movie UP. Which we rather enjoyed – despite the annoying 3D glasses. With that being our only lengthy pit stop, it still managed to take us 13 hours to drive what could have probably been covered in 5ish hours. Not really sure how Jory pulled that one off. All I can say is my husband has a personal bias against 4 lane highways.

So now we are home, refreshed and renewed. Already day dreaming about our next road trip.

the girls discovering a tide pool in Bar Harbor

Alex chillin on Cadillac Mountain
Louisa at the Allegheny reservoir

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.:liza:. said...

I am still amazed by how big your girls are getting! Alex too of course, but since I remember you pregnant with them, it's different. LOL


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