Summer antics

We’ve been back from our vacation for about a week now and are settling in nicely. All our clothing has been washed and put away; our slightly over grown gardens are looking respectable again, and we are ready to have some fun.
Since we have been back we have made our way to the family art center at the art museum. The children (and I) had a fabulous time creating a picnic lunch out of art supplies. Our meals looked quite yummy – almost yummy enough to eat.
We have also had a few play dates with friends. Alex is continuing his peer mentoring program over the summer. So he had a fun little play date with his buddy Ben, who has autism. There were a few play dates with the Rivera crew thrown in for good measure.
Now that everyone else is on summer vacation there are all sorts of fun summer activities that we’re excited about. Our library has a great weekly program for k-2nd graders that we’re looking forward to. Our church has a program called Kids Day Out, where all the K-4th graders meet and play goofy games at the church. So between those programs, our play dates, trips to the pool, and trips to the lake it’s going to be a pretty busy summer. Good stuff.
So yesterday I took the girls out in the yard because I needed summery photos for a project that I’m working on. I’m totally wiped out, end of the day tired. Screaming at my children who can’t seem to understand why I want their cooperation. Pretty sure that this is a recipe for disaster, but I have to try anyway. Not sure how I managed to pull it off, but I got a dozen good ones including these little gems. That pic of Louisa is currently my favorite one I have of her.

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