The End of Summer

Today is our last day of summer vacation. We are all set to start up school again tomorrow morning. The girls and I are rather excited, but Alex is not quite thrilled. This year all three children will embark on the crazy adventure known as home schooling. Kindergarten for the girls, and 2nd grade for Alex. While August 10 strikes me as kind of early to be starting, I have to remember that we’ve been on vacation for 3 solid months, which is more than public school kids get. So it’s time. It’s time for directed learning and structure. It’s time for all you crazy people to go back to school and leave us alone so we can focus. Ahem.
So this week was slightly calmer than the past few weeks have been. We spent a few days at the lake with our friends, the Smiths. Kevin, Jonna and I were pals in college, so it was good to sit back and reminisce about the olden days. Their daughters Natalie and Tessa had a blast chasing my kids around, and soaking up the fun in the lake.
So between our little get together, tying up loose ends for school next week, oh and getting ready for sweet baby Elizabeth, (who will be joining us for school on Monday). It was a productive week. Calmer, less frantic, and definitely productive. The way they should be.

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.:liza:. said...

I know I probably say this everytime I comment, but man, I can't believe the twins are in school already, they are getting so big!
I know how you feel about people going back to school and leaving you alone, I want my gym back from all the high school kids who text between reps on the machines. Grr!
We're most likely doing virtual school with Emma this year, any organizatinal & sanity saving tips are welcome!


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