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In the spring I had this fabulous idea to plant extra vegetables so we could donate our leftovers to the local food bank. The idea being that the children (who love gardening) could learn about how to grow and care for vegetables, and in the end we could learn about doing our part to care for the community. (And we could give away all those yucky vegetables that we had no intention of eating). Well our peas and carrots both failed, but our onions took off. We ended up with about 70 onions the size of my fist. Some of which found their way into our bellies, but the majority were boxed up and delivered to the food bank. Where they were well received. So with a sigh of relief and gratitude we're pleased to be done with our veggies for the year. But also excited to think about what we can grow in the future.
School is going well. Alex is currently fascinated by the Titanic. So he's reading everything he can get his hands on, and having a blast drawing and building enormous boats. The girls continue to amaze me with their fine motor abilities. After Alex who had no desire to write or draw when he entered kindergarten, it's kind of a shock to see how well they can express themselves with a pencil. Boy are they itching to read. I think they're twice as excited about the concept of reading as Alex was.
It's starting to feel fall-ish around here. All our friends are back in school (which means not so many play dates - darn). The fall programming has started at church - which means new classrooms and new teachers. The kids had their annual Labor Day campout with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm working on getting Alex enrolled in the boy scouts.

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