Long past due

Don't remind me. So it's October around here. While I'm not that thrilled about loosing my garden to the frost, I'm so excited about all things October. Pumpkins, crock pot dinners, baked goods from the oven, sweat shirts, and even foot ball (which by the way, I find mind numbingly boring after about 30 seconds, but it's the concept).
So what's new around here? Alex lost another tooth. He's up to three now. I think that kid wins the "slowest tooth looser" award. Not that I'm complaining. I'll just enjoy that sweet mouth full of baby teeth as long as I possibly can.
I picked up some early readers for the girls the other day. They aren't really reading yet, but they are itching to get started. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to get a few really really simple books and let them practice their high frequency words. It's a step above pretending right?
I scored some princess costumes at the second hand store the other night. The girls promised that they'd put them away so they stay nice for Halloween. Yeah right. They put them on the next day and haven't taken them off since.
And just because I haven't posted any pics in forever, here are some from last month.

All 3 at Toledo Botanical Gardens

Louisa the super model. I thought Annie was my photogenic child.....

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