So far...

Well with nearly 2 weeks under our belt, I'm happy to report that (so far) 2010 has been a relatively good year.
We had a quiet New Years Eve here at home. We celebrated with a family movie night - a veggie tale if I do believe. I think Jory was the only one awake at midnight - and that's only because he was having a phone conversation with his brother.
As far as resolutions go, the girls both resolved to turn six, and Alex wanted to play GI Joes with his dad. All very attainable. My resolution was to set reasonable expectations for myself - in hopes of avoiding the icky mommy-on-the-verge-of-a-melt-down. Sadly that Mommy reared her ugly head a few times last year, it wasn't pretty. Lesson learned.
This past weekend saw some rather fun outings. Alex attended a kids building workshop at Lowe's with his cub scout troup. He built a nice little wooden bank that we have plans for "cusomizing". We were fortunate to bring home two extra kits so the girls could build their own banks.
We also attended a pool party with some friends from church. Our children's minister rented a local YMCA as a thank you for all the ministry volunteers. The kids had a ball playing with friends in the pool, Jory shot some hoops, and I had time to socialize with the people I volunteer with (but never have a chance to talk to).
So now our year is up and running. We're excited to see all the adventures and blessings this year holds for us.

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