Post Christmas post.

While the snowflakes are flying outside, I thought I’d take a quick moment to jot down my thoughts on this phase of our lives.
Our Christmas was a great one. It’s hard to predict what gifts the children liked best. The early favorites for both girls have been the Strawberry Shortcake dolls, art supplies, GI Joes, and new outfits. While Alex has mostly focused on his legos, and the model car that he’s building with Jory. I’ve had fun playing (and winning, to my surprise) all the new board games that have come into the house. Poor Annabel has turned out to be a sore looser, and generally refuses to play anything unless she’s clearly ahead.
Anyway. We’ve had a nice relaxing week here. We haven’t had any little friends to baby-sit, so it’s been just us. A whole week with “only” three kids has been restful, but at the same time they make me want to pull my hair out. Why is it that group dynamics change so dramatically when you add and subtract little bodies? How can I be at my wits end with three children, but be perfectly happy with six? Who knows.
School in general is going well. We ended up doing 4 days worth this week. We don’t really take time off for holidays like they do in public school. The kids get bored and restless when we don’t do something organized in the mornings, so it’s just better for my own sanity if we all sit down and focus on something together. The other day I sat down and calculated our projected end of school date (for when we’ve completed the 180 days required by the state) to be April 27. Which is alarmingly early. As of right now I’m contemplating extending the year by 10 school days to try to push the end back until mid-May. We’ll see.


Meg said...

You didn't win those games... you cheated! Bill and I both saw you cheat at CandyLand! No wonder poor Annie is a sore loser! =P

Dad said...

...and don't DARE play Uno with her.


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