Has it really been almost a month? Oy. No real excuse, just a busy time of year for us.
So our fun fall is over, and now the Christmas season has descended upon us. The house is decorated, the cookies are being baked as I write this, and the gifts, well…. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad right?
Right now we are dividing our attention between school, evening activities, and babysitting. School is pretty good. In the last month we’ve finished several Boy Scout belt loops and pins, including art, astronomy, geography, and citizenship. There have been several great requirements that Alex and I have really enjoyed.
Babysitting is going well. Most days I actually enjoying being the mama to six kids, granted I only have my extras for about 18 hours a week. We’ve established a fairly stable routine, and have managed to include our new friends in some of the lessons that we do for school. Emily is in kindergarten, so she is right on track with where my girls are academically. Sweet Abby is 2 1/2, and it’s fun to revisit some of the old lessons with her that my kids enjoyed when they were her age. Corinne, well we just try to keep the beads out of her mouth.

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