Well we're done with the photo project for now, and done with the "oh my gosh, I have all these fabulous pics of our friends, and none of US" photos. Finished all that up about 2 weeks ago, and miss it terribly. Sadly the weather in these parts has been fabulous. 50's and 60's for the last 2 weeks, which is pretty rare. If I'd known the weather was going to stay so nice I would have planned more photo sessions. But you know as soon as I scheduled something it would have snowed. Oh well. There will be plenty of time in the spring, I know.
So now we're directing our energy into school. After looking through the academic belt loops for Alex's boy scouting I decided there was no reason why we couldn't use the requirements as school. For everyone. This week we worked on Art (an obvious place for our family to start). We've had a blast making paper, sculpting, painting, and photographing (oh did we have fun with that one...) Louisa wasn't so crazy about the paper making, but Annie was quite the photographer.
Other academic areas are floating along nicely. We're rapidly approaching the end of second grade course work for most sugject areas so I"m sort of scrambling to figure out how to stall the boy in a way that is still challenging but isn't moving on to 3rd grade level work. (Hence the belt loops that count as school). Gotta let those public school kids catch up a little.
Random Alex quote from this morning: At a friends house this morning the state of Tennessee comes up in conversation, and Alex pipes up "Tennessee was a confederate state, California was a union state".
Ok, nerd.
Speaking of friends, last week a friend from church asked if I could be a "fill in" babysitter while she looked for a new one. So we've been over twice so far, and our kids are having so much fun that I may end up being the new one. Just in the mornings 2-3 days a week. We'll see. Emily is the same age as my girls, and Corinne is coming up on her first birthday here pretty soon. Their cousin Abby may or may not be there, and sometimes we bring baby Elizabeth. So there are as many as 7 kids running around, with Alex as the only boy. But he doesn't seen to mind.


Dad said...

Let's see. Seven kids, one Alex. Means the rest are girls. Minus two sisters, still leaves 4. Why would he "mind"? Grandpa's boy....

Teresa said...

Wow girl...you sure are harsh on public schools! Have you been to one in awhile? :)
Fun idea to add the belt loops in as "school"!! Luke is very into the belt loop/pin earning thing he has to motivate US to do it!


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