catching up

This month has definitely been about photos in this house. Photos photos and more photos. And sadly this is just the tip of the ice burg. I have 6 sessions planned for this fall, (4 of which are finished) and upwards of 20 more families that have expressed an interest in the project who will have to wait until spring, when the trees are pretty again. The good news is that I'm having a blast, and I'm getting plenty of good feedback from friends and family members.
School is going well. We have about 11 weeks under our belt, and we're still going strong. The girls reading and writing skills are coming along nicely. Louisa perhaps more than her sister, but that's ok. Alex is really loving Social Studies this fall. Geography, History, and Economics are all calling his name. He is forever making maps and trying to sell them to us.
Our fall programs are all up and running. At church we're doing story time/play group, Tuesday night Kidz on a Mission, and peer mentoring for Alex. This fall we've added a church musical "Don't Rock the Ark" for all 3 kids, and Alex has started Boy Scouts. We're also trying to organize a social group at church for families who home school.

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