Welcome February

A new month is here, and with it new adventures. I can breathe a bit easier knowing that next month it will start being warm enough to be outside. At this point it's just a matter of running the clock down. Plus we have Jory's birthday and Valentines day to look forward to. Having two excuses to get rid of the children is never a bad thing.
Over the weekend my good friend from Jr. High/High School, Karen, came for a visit. She was in town from Chicago to go to a wedding shower for our friend Jill. We had a lovely time at the shower, and then hung out here with my crazy family. It was good to catch up and compare notes on life. Good stuff.
School is going well, in the "we're sick of school and ready for SUMMER" kind of way. I'm tempted to say "well if your done with 2nd grade math, I guess you don't have to do math anymore right?" but no. If I followed that logic we'd be left with only Language Arts, as we've completed all the Science, Social Studies, and Spelling (and soon to be Math) required by the state. As much as I love Reading and Writing I can't bring myself to fill an entire morning with it. So grudgingly we press on, opening doors that lead to more knowledge. But yes, we're counting down until the last day of school. 68 more days.

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Kathy said...

Elissa - you all might enjoy this with your next snowfall: http://foodandnature.blogspot.com/2010/02/snow-ice-cream.html. Keep warm! --Kathy


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