2 weeks (and a little more) in review

The last few weeks have been rather enjoyable in these parts. We've had a few significant snow falls. Nothing like the rest of the nation has gotten, but enough to enjoy. We've had a blast building a snow mountain, make a few snow angels, and taking a wintery hike through, among other things. We have enjoyed the snow that's fallen this month, but we're a little itchy for it to go away so our daffodils can start poking through. Spring is so close we can almost taste it.
We've also enjoyed watching the Olympics these last few weeks. I'm not so sure the kids care that much about the sports, but they are intrigued by all the different countries that are represented and all of the flags that represent those countries. As I write this they are making a collection of flags to represent different countries for their stuffed animals to wave. Currently we have an American flag, an Olympic flag, and flags for both Finland and Scotland.
Alex had his Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts over the weekend. His car was an ambulance. He placed 4th (out of 13). Which was good enough for us. My dad (the genius) designed the car so that it would do well, but not so well that Alex would win, and we'd be forced to endure another drawn out competition at regionals.


Dad said...

I am NOT a genius. I'm a dumb old coal miner. But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Really.

Teresa said...

Good strategy Alan! (and Elissa!) That way it makes it fun for the overzealous adult (heehee) but not in the "let's get crazy carried away" category! Kudos :) Luke has his this weekend, it was moved from a "snow event" down here last month. He's mildly into it, so we'll see ;)

Meg said...

Actually, sis, we DID have record snowfall in February (for Toledo, that is)


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