I had a nice little post all ready to go, but blogger just ate it. I have no idea what happened, but it completely disappeared. Lovely.
Let me try to remember all the exciting news I had to share........
My birthday, of course. 31 years old this week. Very fun and exciting. Jory and the kids threw me a surprise party in the morning before we parted company for the day. Then after work Jory and I had a dinner date and did a little shopping. All in all, a very good day.
The weather in these parts is starting to warm up. The snow is beginning to recede. Not enough to see our flower beds, but I"m sure they're still out there. Waiting patiently for their time in the sun.
Last week we had a flu bug visit us. Alex, Annie and I all had a 24 hour stomach flu. The good news is that we were all sick during the same 24 hours, so it wasn't a drawn out affair, but those 24 hours were tough on all of us. Even Jory and Louisa who somehow managed to avoid the bug.
So this week Annie decided to start calling her sister Lulu. Which is all cute and sweet when they're getting along. But it makes me laugh when Annie is mad at her and screams "Lulu!" in her best meanie voice. Too funny.
And a classic Alex quote from this week. "Mom! I'm 7 and 8/12 years old!" So random.

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Dad said...

Did Alex tell you your birthday was February 30th? He figured that out by himself on the way back from Lowe's.
We gotta watch that boy.


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