Late March

Just like that late March is upon us. The snow is long gone, and the flowers are starting to poke their heads out of the soil. Well, not the flowers, but little green sprouts that will eventually become flowers, I'm good with that. The weather has warmed up enough for the kids to dust off their bicycles and cruise up to the park. The hope of spring is upon us.
Jory's mom has been visiting us this week. Her school was on spring break this last week, so she flew out for a visit. We enjoyed a constant stream of hot chocolate, extra hugs and snuggles, sewing projects, and having an extra brain to help explain school work. But alas, the airplane has wisked her back to her homeland, and we are getting back to normal. Without the hot chocolate.
We have started the fund raising process for our little Russian friend to come. We are continuing the photography fund raiser that we started last fall, and we sent out a few support letters to loved ones. We still have a lot of money to raise, but we are excited to see what God can do. And we are really really excited for July to come so we can finally meet the little one that we've been praying for.
School is on the downward spiral. We have about 34 days left. We are looking forward to having freedom. As the mama, I'm especially looking forward to the month of freedom that we have before everyone else is released - then our days will become twice as crazy stressful as before.

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