April upon us

Spring has come to these parts, not a moment too soon. The daffodils are blooming, the grass is turning green, and much to my great joy - the children are spending a good part of their free time outside. ahhhhhhhhh.
As the weather warms up, our desire to do school work is quickly deteriorating. Who wants to add and subtract when you can dig? Not us. We have 26 days of school left, and as we gleefully cross off each day we hear that sweet song of freedom calling a little bit louder.
Easter has come and gone. My attempt at Easter last year was remarkably pitiful, so I had to redeem myself this year. Last week we had an egg hunt with our friend Emily (well several egg hunts as the children wanted to keep hiding the eggs from each other). On Saturday we painted hard boiled eggs with my famous pickle juice paint, and on Sunday we had a family Easter basket. In the past I've stayed away from the whole secular side of Easter - the baskets with too much candy and lame-o toys and such, but one (large) basket full of goodies for the whole family to share was just about right.
Our church is creating a new brochure this year, so the brochure committee asked me to submit a handful of photos to the cause. Well after I submitted "a few" they were thrilled and gave me a list of specific topics they wanted to illustrate better. So on Easter Sunday (which was possibly the worst time to take photos because the church was PACKED) I showed up, camera in hand, and managed to get a handful of decent shots. So those have all been submitted and I'm excited to hear back about what they thought.


Dad said...

"... Pickle juice paint"?

Kathy said...

I'm curious about the pickle juice paint as well. Are you willing to post instructions? Last time we tried to color eggs with "homemade" coloring, it rubbed off the eggs.


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