The Scent of Summer

We are closing in on the end of the school year. It sort of crept up on me this year. We have 3 days left - which means I only have to plan a partial week next week. Whoa. Where did the year go? The kids worked really hard this year, and all three have made great strides academically. So now it's nearly time to play, and we can't wait for our freedom. The weather is warming up, and we are antsy to get out in the garden.
Speaking of which, our garden is bursting forth. New blooms for the week include the double layer white daffodils and 3 types of irises (all purple oddly enough). This week the girls and I probably planted 150 seeds - cosmos, sunflowers and dill. We are still having trouble with the tent caterpillars. It turns out that when you destroy the nests - if any have escaped they will just build a new nest. Lovely.
In other news we have embarked on a new child care adventure. Previously we've been doing in home child care for individual families. As of right now, we're sort of between families. So when we were notified that a local center was in need of volunteers, we thought we'd try it. Our new center is called the American School for Women and Children. It is a school for women who are learning English as a second language, and provides childcare for their children. We are in the pre-k and kindergarten class, so my kids fit right in age wise. With one week under our belt we are completely thrilled with the center. I was afraid the kids would find it slightly odd that they are in the cultural minority (as in the only white children in the center) but they could care less. The other children in our class are Chinese, Arabic and Somalian. What a fantastic learning opportunity for my children.

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