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Last week we were blessed to have Jory's brother Jason visit for a few days. He had some errands to do in our neck of the woods, so he and Levi made the long haul from Montana. Highlights from the visit include Alex and Levi running continuous laps around the house for about 6 hours, burning the last few tent caterpillar nests out of my apple trees, dinner with my parents, and an outing to the Airforce museum in Dayton.

Our kids had yet to experience the museum, so we were excited to see what they thought. The girls and Levi were properly impressed. Alex was enthralled. He needed me to take a photo of every. single. airplane. Not just a simple photo, no... he had specific instructions on how each photo needed to be composed (huh, wonder where he learned that from). Mental note, next time, take two cameras. In other news, we managed to reclaim our apple trees from the tent caterpillars. At the end of the day I think we destroyed about 30 nests total. I was able to cut out and burn most of them by myself, while Jason managed to rig up a torch on a stick to get the last few nests that I was unable to get. The children got a kick out of watching the caterpillars attempt to escape the flames, I had to remind myself that it's not considered murder if they're pests.

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