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Life is getting back to normal around here. We've had a few blissfully quiet days that have allowed me to catch up on my "critical" list of to-do's. This week the kids have been out to the lake for swimming lessons with my mom at the boyscout camp. Annie of course is quite the little fish, leave the other two in her wake. Alex is learning to like the water without goggles.
I've had a quiet week on my photography project, which has allowed me to make some headway on editing past sessions. Just so you have some idea on where we stand, I've currently raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,250 for FORO, and in the month of June I've had 8 paid photoshoots, with 3 more scheduled before July 1. I chuckle when I think about my original goal which was 5 photo sessions total, $100 raised. I was so far off the mark.
Speaking of FORO, we had our final planning meeting this week. We learned a little more about Severodvinsk, where our children are from. Apparently, the region is well known for their submarine building (which Alex thinks is SO cool), and the movie "The Hunt for Red October" was filmed not far from their community. We also had a Russian language training session. Basically we learned the top 100 phrases a parent would need. Stop, not allowed, are you sick, bathroom, etc. I'm fairly confident I can get by with the Russian, I already know - yes, no, and grandma. Jory is trying to learn a little more - I think he just wants to impress his co-workers.

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