Update on life

Much has happened in this house during the last two weeks. Last week Jory and the kids went to New Mexico without me. While they were gone, my mom and I had extreme home makeover - Peterson family edition. We painted the master bedroom/bathroom and our hallway bathroom. Throw in some new bedding, new bathroom faucets, furniture rearranging and some other general "repairs" and you have a good idea of how we spent our week. But now the children are back home, where they belong. They're up to their regular antics, and I'm pretending they aren't making me crazy.
In addition to working on the house, my life has been overtaken with photos. I drove to Columbus last weekend for a photo extravaganza. I had 7 sessions planned, thankfully the good Lord intervened on that craziness, and 2 families had to cancel. In the future I'll know that 5 sessions in one weekend is just right. Numbers aside, I had a lovely weekend. I got to catch up with some friends that I hadn't seen in a while, catch up with a friend I hadn't seen since high school, and meet some new friends - ones that I felt I already knew, and apparently knew me just as well.
Thankfully things are starting to settle down around here. We are falling back into our regular routines. My lovely little garden is chugging right along, despite the fact that I've neglected it all week. Our peas are now ripe for the picking, and boy do we have a lot. Louisa has taken to helping me pick them in the morning, which has been a fun little bonding experience for both of us. Remember when I said no one else in the family would eat them? Well times are changing - these kids might be pea eaters afterall.

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