Welcome June

It's so fabulous to see how our garden changes from week to week. This week we are excited to see things that we planted from seeds starting to push through the soil. We have cosmos, and dill(new plants in addition to the volunteers we have from last year), and pumpkins - which we've never grown before. Growing things from seeds is the coolest, watching it start out tiny and then get bigger and bigger as it matures. Sure it takes forever, but that's half the fun. In addition to our new growth, we were excited to see the first tiny pea pods appear. Soon enough I'll be able to pick a snack every morning as I make my rounds. Yes, I eat peas for breakfast.
In addition to new growth in our garden, I was thrilled this morning to find my first tiny toads, by the end of the summer they'll be about an inch long, but right now they're about as big as my pinky fingernail. I found three of these little guys this morning. It's time to start watching where I'm walking again. Speaking of watching where I'm going, I found another black rat snake in my garden today. This one was smaller than the first one I saw back in April, and therefor not nearly as scary. But still. I've lived in this house for 7 years with nary a snake, then all of a sudden I have multiple snakes. Yahoo. All I can say is he better not eat all my toads.
Jory and kids are getting ready to take a trip out west for Grandaddy's birthday. Jory's grandfather will be 98 this year. Sadly I won't be able to join them. Remember that photography project I'm working on? Well I currently have 8 photo shoots scheduled that week. So I will be here pretending to be a photographer and enjoying a house that actually stays clean. And eating peas for breakfast.


Dad said...

Peas for breakfast? Peas AT ALL? Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

Meg said...

Dad, we used to eat the snow peas (?) off the vines in the garden in New Albany... I grew out of it though. Peas are only slightly better than brussels sprouts or asparagus. EWWWWW


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