Meet my newest son, Maxim. He's only temporary, as he'll be going back to Russia at the beginning of August. But I thought he was worthy of his own post. If your not already familiar with him, he's a 6 year old orphan who is as sweet as can be. He came over as a foreign exchange student through a charity our church supports. He's into machines and figuring out how they work, he's usually soaked, and besides being about 6 inches smaller than a normal kid his age, there is nothing wrong with him. He's generous, thoughtful and kind. His orphanage director told us he spent his first 4 years in a cabin out in the woods with his father, who was an alcoholic and didn't care for him. The fact that he's been out in the woods is evident as he knew how to pick and eat raspberries, and he made himself a fishing pole and was "fishing" over the side of our deck. He's one great kid, and we hope that someone we know will fall in love with him and make plans to adopt him.

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