Lessons learned from a Russian orphan

I've been keeping a running list of notes on life with a Russian orphan on facebook, so for you nonfacebookers, here are some of the highlights.

* Yesterday I stopped to get gas, and of course he had to help me. Who would have thought that a task that mundane could bring so much amusement? Don't get me started on the window cleaner. One of these days we'll take a spin through the car wash...
* At the lake Alex got stung by a bee. Maxim came over to check on him twice, while the girls didn't give a hoot about their brother. Which one of these kids was abandoned and neglected again?
* I'm starting to regret showing him how the microwave works. After realizing that microwaved salad isn't that yummy, I thought he'd get the idea that it's not for everything. But this morning I intercepted him before he microwaved his dry cereal.

* this kid comes in two states: soaked or trying to figure out how to get soaked.
* I have to wonder what the orphanage directors back in Russia are going to think of us crazy Americans filling this kid's head with crazy ideas.
* who's idea was it to teach him how to use the cd player? And no, unplugging it doesn't help.
* whatever you do, don't turn your back on a curious little boy (who doesn't speak English) and a hot motorcycle that was just ridden. Ouch.

* When you take a little boy who has probably never been in water deeper than his ankles to the pool for the first time, don't throw him in 3 feet of water. Even if he has a life jacket on, and is motioning to be thrown in... don't do it.
* How do you teach a little guy who's clearly malnourished about portion control?
* Igor called me a "babushka" how do you say "faux pas" in Russian.
* Russian is a beautiful language especially when spoken by a cute 6 year old.
* Farting is funny in any language. Especially when you are 6.
* cookies are a universal motivator.
* Little boys are little boys, wether they were born in America or in Russia. Also, little boys speak a universal language. No translators necessary.
* Under his pillow he hides all his "treasures". A pretty marble, a nightlight, s few legos and a flashlight. No food yet. It breaks my heart to think about why he needs to horde things.

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