2 weeks out

It's been 2 weeks since we sent our future son back to Russia. Life is sort of back to normal around here, but this little boy has definitely made an impact on our lives. My daughters continue to yell at each other in Russian. Jory still speaks with a horrible Russian accent (sorry babe, it's bad.) Alex is teaching his little friends common Russian phrases, and me? Well I've had to stop myself from setting a sixth spot at the table more times than I'd like to count.
I wonder what life is like for little Max back in Russia. I noticed the expected high temperature for Severodvinsk today is 53 degrees. In another month they will have ice. I wonder if he has pulled out the hand-me-down Harley Davidson sweatshirt we sent back with him. The orange polar fleece hoodie that was Alex's favorite a few years back. His eyes lit up when I offered to pack it for him. I wonder if it still smells like our house. I heard this morning that his little friend Igor (who also came over last month as an exchange student) cries every night for his family to come and get him. I didn't need to know that.

When he came, they gave us a schedule of what his typical day was like back in Russia. So at any given point in the day I can figure out what he's probably doing. Right now it looks like he's probably finished with dinner - I can only guess what he might have had. Something like fish meal and watery turnip soup. What I wouldn't give to pass him some ketchup for his fish, and some goldfish crackers for his soup. Throw in some apple pie and call it a meal.
I wonder if he still sings the songs he learned at Vacation Bible School. I wonder if he and the other kids that came over use American words in conversation just to annoy the other children who don't know what they mean. I wonder what the orphanage kids think of the silly bandz we sent back. I wonder if he cries at night like Igor.

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Julianne Grace said...

Tears... It's gonna be a long year, but TOTALLY worth it.


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