Fingerprints for a Criminal Background Check

by Jory

Today we went down to the police station to get our fingerprints taken for a criminal background check, as one of the requirements for our adoption paperwork. When I told my father-in-law that they were going to take our fingerprints, he asked if they were going to give them back. I replied, "No, they're probably going to keep them to give to somebody in the witness protection program."

Anyway, it was pretty cool. It was all electronic ... they used a scanner/digital camera type thingy ... we just put our hands on the glass, and pressed real hard, and it read our fingerprints and saved them as some electronic file. It was pretty advanced too. If it got a good reading, it put a green border around the picture on the computer screen. All ten of my digits came out good the first time. But Elissa wasn't so lucky ... she had to try two or three times to get it right. I asked her if she had some dark, secret, criminal past that she forgot to mention.

But eventually she got a good reading. The prints were then sent to the FBI and the BCI, and one of the checks had been completed before we even left the building ... sometimes technology is pretty cool (when it works right!) So that was fairly painless ... the next big thing will be a Psychological Evaluation, scheduled for sometime in mid-September with some kind of certified psychotherepist / specialist ... I hope I'll be able to pass that one!


Meg said...

You are so screwed on the psych eval. They'll find out you're both as nuts as the rest of us!

Kathy said...

Alan totally cracks me up! You guys will do great on the psych eval. As Megan pointed out, a certain amount of crazy is normal. :-) I'd be more worried by a lack of nuttiness.

Ricky said...

It is amazing how much technology has changed over the years and they still use fingerprints for a criminal background check!


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