Yesterday marked a month since little Max went back to Russia. We still miss him like crazy. His laughter, calling Jory "bop", and the fun little moments that he and Alex shared still weigh heavy on our minds. We try not to dwell on the ins and outs of his day over in Russia, but I can't help calculating to see what time it is in his neighborhood to figure out what he's up to.
We recently had the joy of getting together with a group of friends who are also in the adoptive process. It was good to hear the horror stories of those farther along in the process so that we know what we're up against. I'm sure that northern Russia is a lovely place, but frankly I'm not looking forward to our 2 visits. One family had already completed the process and has their son home with them. It was good to hear their stories about how their 4 biological children are adjusting to having an 8 year old brother, and how their Max is adjusting to having siblings. Wynelle, the mom, talked about how he was mourning for his friends back in Russia, and how guilty he must feel that he's here and they aren't.
We also discussed the reaction the other families got when they announced they were adopting older children from Russia. Most people were told they were crazy (an understandable reaction). Which is so funny, because we've had the opposite reaction. Everyone we've talked to has been so encouraging. Granted we do have an adoptive friendly social network, several of our friends have adopted, and several more are in the process. We expected their support, but it goes farther than that. Our friends are soliciting their friends on our behalf, and those people are sending us money. People we don't really know are coming through for us. Almost daily it seems that we're getting encouraging notes and donations. And we're only 3 weeks in.
We know that the next year is going to be one battle after another, trying to fight for what is ours. But we know we're not going it alone. We feel that the body of Christ is rising up around us on our behalf. And it's a good place to be.

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Mom said...

So well put: the Body of Christ IS rising up around you to protect and support you all through this process.


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