Jory and I have been tossing around all these great ideas related to adoption for blog posts the last few weeks. Topics such as "fun with forms" and "our psych evaluation a.k.a paying someone a lot of money to tell us we're crazy" have been thrown out, followed by "what not to say to your children when talking to the adoption agency on the phone". But I just glanced at our blog and realized we haven't written anything for nearly 3 weeks. So instead of a funny clever post, you're getting this one. But it's something. So don't complain.
The seasons are changing here in our community. As the seasons change we're thinking of new things to introduce our Max to. Raking leaves will probably be a hit, as will apple crisp. Carving pumpkins? Maybe. Recently we were told to stop emailing his orphanage. Some political move to ensure the Ministry of Education is not annoyed with FORO. But we do have a snail mail address for him. We've been warned that whatever we send him in the mail will pass through many hands before it gets him. So basically we can send him notes (that he can't read because he's illiterate) and photos, but nothing useful (cothes, toys etc) because it'll never get to him. So for now we're collecting drawings from the kids and photos to mail him. Which sounds so lame to us Americans, but to a little boy who's never recieved anything in the mail before it sounds like a treasure. When we go to Russia we will be able to take him gifts. So we're collecting all sorts of things to take over. Who needs to pack a suitcase full of clothes when you can pack hundreds of crayons, markers, silly bands etc. etc.
As for the adoption process... well at least we have a sense of humor right? At this point it's a lot of silly questions, pointless classes, and things to pay for. Oh, the things to pay for. Sigh. Our fundraising is going quite well though. We've been so blessed this fall. I have a calendar full of photoshoots for the end of Sept. and all of Oct. Slowly but surely the money we need is coming.

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