It's simple to say that our lives have been slightly derailed this fall. We knew coming into the adoption process that it would be a big headache. Just when we think that we've achieved a full understanding of how hard this will be, it gets a little harder. And a little more expensive. Jory and I have both been working long hours just to keep it all together. We received the gut wrenching news this week that Max's good friend Dasha (who we all loved tremendously) is not going to be adopted by friends of ours. That was almost enough to make us call it quits. We had a family meeting to figure out whether this kid was really worth the headache and heartache. It was Alex's tearful plea that assured us that Max is certainly worth our time and energy. He needs us, and we need him. End of discussion. So we continue on, in this season where the money is going out much faster than it is coming in, and things break for no good reason.

During this season where everything is much harder than it used to be, one would think that our trials would have a negative affect on our marriage and family life. Nope. The children continue to be a bright spot in our lives, singing sweetly along to their Bible songs and bringing in fistfuls of wildflowers in from our yard (that no one has time to mow). So I might not have exciting tales to spin of far off adventures, and dramatic athletic victories, but that's ok. The five of us are clinging to each other and to the hope of what we've been promised with all we've got. And it is so good.


Aud said...

That was certainly rough news, to learn that Dasha won't come to the US soon..I had a gut-wrenching talk with her potential family... tough, tough choices.. I have to believe something great is in store for that little girl!! And as your story is spread and cheered and supported for Maxim, your family will find the strength, finances, all that you need to bring him home!! Hugs your way, Audrey

Kathy said...


Thanks for the update. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. I don't know what "blog support" you have, but my friend Laura links to several family blogs relating to adoption. Her site is http://www.themourofamily.blogspot.com/.



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