Last week was quite a week. It was full of more downs than ups. While we don't mean to bring you down with all our troubles, we also don't want to lie to those of you who may be interested in international adoption. It's not a fun game that we're playing because we have nothing better to do. You can't expect to fill out a 3 page application, fork out a few hundred bucks, then twiddle your thumbs until they call you to come get your kid. If that was all we had to do, shoot, we'd have 10 kids by now.
So why bother right? If it's that hard, why do it? We all know that there are lots of kids out there that need a good home. Our foster care system here in the States is burdened with more kids than they can handle. If we really wanted another kid, why not just get one of the easy ones that are already here in the States. Our answer is this: we don't just want another kid. We want a specific kid. If we really wanted a bigger family it be a lot easier to just get pregnant. That's not what we want. We were introduced to a sweet, intelligent little boy who was in a really bad spot. If we bring him home he'll have a good chance at being a productive member of society. If he stays where he is, chances are pretty good that he'll either commit suicide or go to jail.
So, forward we trudge. Bolstered by supportive friends and family.


Shelley Davis said...

Elissa hang in there. You will look back at this and it will seem less trouble than it does now. I will tell you that there is never an easy adoption. We had our troubles adopting internationally and from the foster care system.

Remember too, every good "thing" is worth a good fight. Your little thing will thank you one day. GOD will give you the strength to do what you have to. If HE brings you to it HE will bring you through it.

See you Sunday.

Blessings to you,

Abby said...

Why do I teach in Atlanta when I could teach at Scott? Because the Lord has told me in no uncertain terms that these are my students. Meanwhile the Lord has told you which kid is yours. He happens to reside in Russia. We don't know why God worked it out like that. But he did. Praying for you and yours.

Dad said...

Why do you do it? Because it's HARD. You're a White. We don't do things because they're easy. We do things because they're HARD. You got your "beautiful" gene from Mom. You got your "tenacious" gene from me. And Grandad. You get the picture.
And besides - God has a hand in this. When He wants something, you'd better not cross Him. Ask me how I know.

Anonymous said...

In addition to all you and others have said I would add this: You will not look back in the future and live with regret knowing you had a chance to alter a life and did not take it. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that self sacrifice is the real miracle out of which reported miracles grow. Theology aside, your self-sacrifice is creating a miracle for Maxim.


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