War on warfare

So this weekend was an interesting one in our house. It was full of broken technology and communication breakdowns. Sadly these breakdowns are becoming more and more frequent. Not that I'm surprised. It comes with the turf. Any Christian who steps out in faith should expect to be hit with spiritual warfare. I won't bore you with the list of things that have broken in this house in the last six weeks. But I will say, it's not pretty.
So this last weekend, after a particularly epic breakdown in communication, I was driving around looking at all the pretty fall leaves when a thought occurred to me. I have a choice. I can get fed up and discouraged with all this warfare or I can fight back. I CAN RETALIATE. If Satan wants a war, he's got one. But he just rattled the wrong cage. My armor is thick, my sword is steady, and by golly I serve a mighty commander. So bring it on. From here on every time he hits we as a family are going to hit back by going out of our way to show God's love and kindness to our community.
This is our battle cry. Satan, you've been warned.
(ps. if anyone is interested in enlisting in my army we've got a great retirement plan)

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Andi said...

I'll join your army!


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