5 Days of Christmas Crafting.

This year the crafting bug has hit hard in our household. I don't know if it's because this year has been extra stressful with our added responsibilities, or if we're just a little bit more careful about what we're spending on Christmas gifts, but this year we have so many fun craft projects we couldn't keep them all to ourselves.
So I thought it would be fun to do a different craft project for the 12 days of Christmas, but then I looked at the calendar and realized we only had 5 days left. D'oh. So we're doing the 5 days of Christmas crafting instead. Which in all reality, 5 days a much more do-able commitment for this slightly frazzled Mama than 12. So we'll just go with it.
Our first project was a fun little idea I dreamed up in the middle of the night. I bought a plastic photo book for a dollar at Walmart, the kind that have a removable cardboard insert for the cover. We removed the cover and inserted our own cover with the title of our story. Then I typed while the kids dictated a story of their own creation (it was basically a synopsis of the Swiss Family Robinson with themselves as the main characters). I used Microsoft Word to format the pages to get the text to fit within the page parameters. Then I cut the pages down to fit in the book. I also added some blank pages for the kids to illustrate their text with. The result was a priceless (and durable!) keepsake that cost next to nothing.


Kathy said...

Elissa - Awesome! I love it! I'll have to keep that one in mind. The boys are always writing a drawing. They would love to do something like this. Is that a keepsake bag for it that it's laying on?

Merry Christmas from all of us!


elissa said...

Why yes, we've made the switch from wrapping paper to re-usable fabric gift bags this year. I'll post more about that later this week...


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