Welcome winter

We had a rather wintery week this week. A little snow and some chilly temperatures have been enough to make us hunker down, and complain (just a little). In the past I've never been a huge fan of winter, not a winter-hater, but certainly not a lover either. This year I can't help but embrace the cold a little differently. This year we have a son who lives near the arctic circle. I can't imagine what it'd be like to get 4 hours of sunlight each day, and face week after week of temperatures below zero. When I think about what goes on outside of Max's window, I can't help but think that we're a little spoiled by our not-arctic climate. Lets be honest, the weather here in Ohio isn't that bad. Maybe this year I'll learn how to stop counting the days until spring. I thought I was so clever last week because I'd outsourced all my Christmas projects to the children. Wrong. All I can say is there was a void left by the absence of craftiness. So this week we're making a miniature Christmas tree forest out of clippings from my parents live tree. There are a few more top secret projects that I'm not at liberty to discuss. But they are really darned fun.
Last of all, we have an adoption update. We had our second interview with our social worker. She still loves us. At this point it's still way to early to predict a timeline for when we will get to make our first trip to Russia, but she was optimistic that we could be called in January or February. Unfortunately we won't be able to bring Max home with us, it's just a "visit". We have to wait until our court case comes up, which won't be until summer probably.

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