Christmas crafting

We've been so busy this fall fundraising and keeping up with life that we hadn't really put a whole lot of thought and effort into what we were making for Christmas this year. I won't lie, at times this fall, purchasing store bought cards and gifts sounded like a blissfully simple solution to the mayhem. But not for long. I did what any good mother would do. I outsourced. This year my children are making the cards, the scrapbook pages (a long standing tradition in the Peterson clan), and a few other top secret gifts.
Of course they were thrilled to be included in the Christmas crafting. I'm sure that letting them use the "Mommy only" craft supplies had nothing to do with their merriment.
No, we didn't really have a project in mind when we decided to dye our pumpkin seeds, it just seemed like a good idea at the time...

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Sue Witmer said...

Fun, fun ideas! What a mom!!!!


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