Christmas Crafting day 4 (belated) - vintage card display

I had this post all ready to go yesterday, but time got away from me before I got around to posting it. So today you get two crafty posts...

Recently a dear friend of mine sent me a collection of vintage Christmas cards. After my happy dance was over, I systematically wrangled the cutest ones away from my children to make this temporary display over my desk. Along with the cards, I swiped some of these fun numbers from one of Jory's recent home improvement projects. To set up this arrangement, I arranged the cards on my floor until I came up with a grouping that I liked, and then I just taped them to my wall using the same arrangement. I have a whole handful of these cards, and am looking forward to using them in more art projects like mini books, wall art and so forth. If you have any ideas for displaying the beautiful cards you've received we'd love to hear about it!
It's been a joy to have these little guys right above my sewing machine keeping me company on my late night sewing marathons this last week.

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