Christmas Crafting day 5 - Furoshiki

So I had another post in mind for my last one in our series of Christmas crafting, but I was sort of side tracked by a link my friend sent me to Furoshiki, or the art of Japanese fabric folding. Basically think of gift wrapping meets origami. Oh yes. It's rather addicting. Not only does it look beautiful when it's finished. It's so darned easy. I made my cloths out of large squares of fabric, finishing the edges by pressing them and then stitching over the pressed edges. If you don't want to make your own cloths, any square fabric will work - a blanket, bandana, scarf etc. What I liked best is that folded fabric is much more forgiving than paper, so if you aren't happy with the way it turned out, you can just keep tweaking it.
My eight year old was intrigued by the concept, so I made a few extra cloths for him to practice with. So next year, you guessed it, I'll be outsourcing all the Furoshiki wrapping also.

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