My resolution for the coming year is the same as it has been for the last several years - to see the world as Christ sees it, and to act accordingly. This year I have learned several valuable lessons that I'd like to continue to work on next year. I made this little graphic in photoshop that contains many of the lessons learned this year. For me they are goals to strive for, tangible ways to be more like Christ that I'd like to continue working on, some are more measurable than others. Chances are good that I"ll print it out and hang it somewhere in my house where I"ll be sure to see it... We'll see.
I'm sure Jory's going to get a good laugh at some of these. He's much better about several of these things than I am...

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Anonymous said...

Print a copy for me please! We can be resolution buddies! Lol


~ Erica Rivera


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