recording our goals

I've been searching for a method to record the children's New Years resolutions and goals for a while. I recently realized the answer was right in front of me. I pulled out another one of those empty plastic photo books from Walmart (the same kind I used to have the kids write the stories they gave as Christmas gifts) and got to work. I made a simple template in Microsoft Word to get the kids started, it had a space for their name, a prompt about their goals for the year, and the year typed at the bottom. Then printed the templates and let the kids write and illustrate their own goals for the year. The idea is to have the kids enter new goals as the years go by, and by the time they are ready for college we'll have a little book full of sweet plans that my children have made. (Yes, Louisa's goal for this year is to eat ice cream. Awesome.)
Yes, Mom and Dad are being held accountable as well. I wrote out a goal using the same template I used for the kids, but I also thought I could add a 4 x 6 print out of the resolution graphic I shared last time.

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