100 days of school

I think it's a day every class in every grade school in America celebrates. 100 days of school. Every year we celebrate it here at home. We've done necklaces with 100 beads, artwork with 100 stickers, and so forth. This year we decided to take a different track. Instead of making another useless art project we decided to make something useful. I had the children string cereal to make these little garlands that will not only decorate our winter trees, but will also provide nourishment for our little woodland friends.
I counted out 100 pieces of cereal for each kid, and let them pick out their own thread. We used cheerios, because they were easy to string (and we had a brand new box). We also tried to use natural threads that will either decompose or become a part of a bird nest at some point, so that we won't have to go collect it after the cereal has been consumed.

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