From Russia with Love

Our friends recently traveled to Russia to visit Katya, the little girl they are planning to adopt from Max's orphanage. For political reasons, they were not allowed to go to the orphanage, but they were still able to visit with Elena, the orphanage director who traveled with Max and his friends last summer. In addition to giving them this drawing Max made for us (we think it says Mom and Dad on it), she was able to share with them how Max already knows about our plans to adopt him, and that he talks about us nonstop.
We are so grateful that the orphanage director shared that information with him. We are grateful that he has hope for the future, and a promise of good things to come. Additionally, I am thrilled to have something tangible from my son to hang on to. It's not a secret that our family is creatively inclined, so a part of me is thrilled that someone gave him a paintbrush and encouraged him to create something.

On a side note, we passed our fire safety inspection, which was the last item on our homestudy for the adoption agency. We can now move on to our next round of paper work - the dossier, which is basically a copy of all the legal paper work (marriage liscense, birth certificates, health exams etc.) that we gathered for the homestudy, but it goes to the American and Russian governments. I'm sure there are also a few fun surprises involved in that process that I will try really hard not to complain about.

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