Double the Birthday, Double the Fun

Being the mother of identical twins is a little tricky around birthday time. On my not-so-good at mothering days I have a tendency to lump the girls together as a single entity. They look alike, play alike, they are almost a perfect carbon copy of each other, so thinking of them as one and the same is not a challenge. (Give me a break, I'll bet 90% of my friends can't tell which girl is which anyway). Come birthday time I get a little on my high horse and demand that we celebrate each girl as an individual. 2 girls, 2 celebrations. 2 days worth of party-ing, and 2 birthday dinners. Or as Annie so accurately put it, "my birthday, and my other birthday". Only a twin could get away with claiming she has two birthdays.

Anyway. All that to say that we celebrated the girls birthday last week. Twice. Their actual birthday was on Thursday. We started the day with a scavenger hunt that ended with little debbie snack cakes hidden in the microwave. The kids all had their school work done in advance, so they all had the day off from school. Which means we had lots of time for playing, and baking birthday brownies. They managed to agree on dinner at the Chinese buffet, which made life a little easier. Normally we would have done birthday gifts after dinner, but this year the girls couldn't think of anything they wanted, so we went grocery shopping instead.
Their other birthday was on Saturday. Jory's gift to them was a trip to the roller skating rink. We'd never taken them before, but they received roller skates for Christmas, and were itching to use them. Turns out both girls are naturals. Alex, not so much. But we all had a fabulous time zipping around the rink. After skating it was time for pizza and a quick trip to the library.

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