Repurposed kids clothes - day 3

So you know what happens when you make something cute for 2 of your kids, but not the third. You'd better have a good project lined up for that 3rd kid. Or else.
With that in mind, I went back to the give away bag. I found a cute pair of jeans with embroidery around the ankles that had a hole in the knee. So I took the pant leg with the hole in it, and cut it off below the hole. Then, for kicks I found an old tee-shirt to use as the lining. I cut off the back panel of the shirt and measured it to fit the length and width of the denim piece I had. After I had the lining pinned and sewed inside the pant leg, I stitched the bag shut at what used to be the ankle, and stitched a finished edge around the top of the bag.
To make a strap I took the other pant leg, cut off a long strip, making sure to keep the embroidery where you could see it. To finish it I stitched the edges together and sewed the ends to the inside of the bag.

This one took me a little longer than the other bags, the lining part wasn't exactly necessary. But the size was just right for Louisa's favorite critter "Foxy", and I can see her stuffing a water bottle in there to take with us as we go out and about.

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Jimmie said...

Very cool! I love making things from old jeans (and other clothes), too!


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