Letter to Annie

Dear Annie,
This week you will turn 7 and I thought you deserved to have a blog post all to yourself. You and your twin sister are so similar that it's hard for me to describe your differences to our friends. Aside from being so identical that you have freckles in the same location, your personalities are completely intertwined. You are both sweet and loving, creative and friendly. You both love the same toys, and play super well together. I am so thrilled that you and your sister are so close. And frankly I'm a little jealous of the friendship you have, knowing that you'll always be each others best friend.

But aside from all that my dear, you are growing up quickly. This year you decided you were done with the princess-y dress up games that you loved in the past. Not that I mind. Not being such a girlie girl myself, I was a little at a loss as to what to do with all that glittler and sparkle. These days you would rather play Legos or pretend play with the others. You like to pretend you're on a desert island like the family in Swiss Family Robinson, and you've been known to pretend to be Queen Susan the Gentle from The Chronicals of Narnia (ok, so maybe the princess thing hasn't totally disappeared...)

I am also pleased to watch your faith develop. You are becoming a prayer warrior, much like your Mama. This week you came to me, very much concerned for the people of Haiti, and you shared with me how you felt led to pray for them. Not that I'm really that surprised, you have always had a heart for caring for others. I am looking forward to helping you develop compassion for the needy in our community, as well as God's children around the world.

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